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1953 Willys M38-A1 United States Military 4x4 Jeep
1953 Willys M38-A1 United States Military 4x4 Jeep

This is a very nice, well appointed, genuine military Jeep that has had some updated creature comforts added for street use, such as a heater system and more comfortable seating.

The engine has been rebuilt and runs great.

Transmission and clutch both work  perfectly. 

New brakes and new tires, 

This Jeep comes with all of the accessories you see displayed here and will surely be a big hit in any parade, car show, display, and any military function such as: Reunions,  museum display, picnic gatherings - you name it.  An absolute kick to drive!

Thanks for checking out our little 1953 Willys M38A1 military Jeep.  These are very sought out by collectors, especially war Jeeps used during the Korean war era 1952-57.  The M38A1 came out in 1952 using this body style for many years, but the first 3 years are the most desirable. 

These were the first models with the round fenders based off of the new Willys CJ5.  This is a true military Jeep due to some of the features that were only on these types of Jeeps, such as the dual battery box cover on the top of cowl for the 24V system and also behind the passenger seat on wheel tube, and the 4 holes for one of the original tags; as well as the diagonal seams on the front fenders behind the front wheels and many other military features.  This M38A1 has been customized which is very common.

This one would be considered just a very nice driver that someone has customized to make the lines a lot cleaner.  It has very nice paint on it, better than most I have seen.  This Willys is fully functional and ready to go.  It will make someone a great little parade vehicle or a second vehicle up at your cabin in the mountains or around the lake.  You will get thumbs up every where you go.